Kirkman (Historical/re-enactors) – Membership


For Historical (including re-enactors) and Academic member



Embrace the rich tapestry of history by becoming a part of our esteemed membership program, open to Historical enthusiasts, re-enactors, and academics alike. Whether you have a passion for reliving the past through re-enactments or are engaged in scholarly pursuits, our exclusive membership caters to your interests.

As a Historical or Academic member, you gain access to a community that shares your fervor for preserving and understanding history. This special membership is designed to connect individuals who appreciate the significance of historical events and academic research.

To enroll, we request you to provide relevant credentials or proof of involvement in historical re-enactments or academic pursuits. Kindly send the necessary documentation to [email protected]. Upon verification, you will be welcomed into a community that values your dedication to historical exploration.

By joining our Historical and Academic membership, you not only gain access to a network of like-minded individuals but also unlock opportunities to participate in events, discussions, and projects that celebrate and contribute to our collective understanding of history. Embrace the past, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and be a part of a community that cherishes the importance of historical preservation and academic exploration.


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