Why not come join us?

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Membership of the Civil Defence Association is open to:

  • All former members of the Civil Defence Corps and Auxiliary Fire Service and their relatives.
  • Members of British Civil Defence, Civil Aid, Search and Rescue groups, Voluntary First Aid Societies and similar organisations having a ‘Civil Defence’ role.
  • Persons, young and not so young, who are interested in, or involved with Civil Defence by whatever title it is known.

Subscription Rates

Associate Membership (General) – £18 per annum

Student Membership – £10 per annum

Kirkman (Historical/re-enactors) Membership – £12 per annum

Alderson Membership (Serving Members) – £12 per annum

Civil Defence Veteran – Free Liftime Membership

Charitable and Non-Profit Organisations – £25 per annum

Corporate Memberships – POA

Membership Services

Members receive a copy of the ‘CDA Journal‘ the official quarterly publication of the Civil Defence Association.